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‘Taste of the City’ in the ‘Treat’ category in New York

November 1, 2021 Comments Off on ‘Taste of the City’ in the ‘Treat’ category in New York By admin

New York’s ‘Tasty’ table cover is back with a special edition.

The Times of America said the new edition will come in both the $200 and $350 range.

It’s the first time the table cover has been used in a New York restaurant.

It’s a bold move for the Times of the Country, which has been using a table cover for years in Times Square, Times Square Plaza and other locations.

It will come with a $75 gift card and a signed copy of the book.

It will also be available at Times Square.

The new edition comes a year after the Times added the table to its New York Times restaurant section.

The Times is also introducing a new edition of its restaurant guide to Times Square on July 1.

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